Recording a Presentation

You have various options for recording a presentation in Dr. D’s class! See below for options and for info on how to hand in your video.

Option: Record a Video on Your Phone

See below for info on how to hand in your video.

Option: Screencasting

If you want to use PowerPoint, Google Slides or your computer, you may try screencasting! Dr. D likes ScreencastOMatic.

Once you make your Screencast video, upload it to Youtube and include a link in your assigned Canvas Discussion, or upload it to the Discussion yourself. Dr. D recommends YouTube so that your video is safely “in the cloud” – this way is easier for you to upload and for your classmates to watch.

Dr. D screencasting! Photo courtesy of Dr. Pete Skoner

Here are instructions about using ScreenCastOMatic from SFU CETL:

Option: Record a VideoConference Call with Dr. D

With sufficient advance notice and planning on your part, Dr. D is happy to set up a videoconference call with you. She can record the call and post it for you.

Option: Use your Imagination!

You may record a video or audio in whichever format you prefer, as long as you share it as instructed below. You could record the video on your phone, as mentioned above, or on Google Hangouts or Zoom, if you are familiar with those platforms.

How to hand in the video in the Canvas Discussion Board?

After you create your video, you need to upload it somewhere so that the class can see it. If you have technical difficulties with this step, you may choose to directly upload your video to Canvas (see below) or, as a last resort, email it to Dr. D.

You may upload your video to YouTube:

see also

You may save your video in your Google Drive.

If you record your video in Google Conferencing (Google Hangouts), it automatically will save in your Google Drive.

If you record your video in another way, here’s how save a video file in Google Drive:

It’s also easy to do from your phone, if you just download the app called Google Drive. From Iphone or Ipad:

From Android phone:

Once your video is in google drive, you can share the link to the video on the Discussion Board assignment. See “Share a Single Item Using a Link” here:

If you really can’t figure out how to save your video in ‘the cloud’ –

Try uploading it into the Canvas Discussion board (helpsheet link)

Or, as a last resort, email it to Dr. D!